A bit about The Dreaming Spires

The band is led by singing brothers Robin and Joe Bennett, who also handle most instrumental duties. Known to some as “the Notorious Bennett Brothers”, Robin and Joe have carved out some renown as accomplished musicians as well as being co-founders of acclaimed festivals - Wood & Truck, a label and even a record store.

The Dreaming Spires have been lucky enough to have 3 great drummers: Jamie Dawson plays drums and percussion on the new album, and Mike Monaghan and Loz Colbert played on Brothers in Brooklyn. Nick "Growler" Fowler (also of Gaz Coombes’ band) contributes guitar to many tracks and occasionally plays live with the band.


The brothers' musical pedigree includes stints in Goldrush and Danny & the Champs, touring and recording with Mark Gardener of Ride, and collaborations with everyone from Gary Louris to Garth Hudson of The Band, Mercury Rev to Saint Etienne (the brothers are members of the present live incarnation of Saint Etienne). Joe also plays with fellow travellers Co_Pilgrim and Robin co-writes with several other acts and has his own side-project Dusty Sound System.


From their earliest guise (a band called Whispering Bob who released a mini-album in the late 90s and received airplay from radio legends John Peel and, naturally, Bob Harris) the Bennett brothers have long straddled a line between the influence of roots music, classic 60s pop and their youthful love of indie rock from both sides of the Atlantic, always anchored by their distinctive harmonies in the tradition of The Everly Brothers, The Beatles and The Byrds.